diamondfae (diamondfae) wrote,

Well today is the 1st day of the rest of my life ,
i start my classes today , matter fact i have to be here in 30 min but the college is practially next door to me.....lol

its gonna be a long journy but i hope a fun one also.

I have English 1st hour then i go to History

thats on Monday and Wednesday

On Tuesday and Thursday i have Math ewwwwww dont really care for math and for the field im entering i really dont have to take it but i want to freshen up on my skills and maybe some day ill get to Trig and Calculuis..........lol yeah right ME ??????

anyway i have to get going , so im not late , but when i get home ill let u all know how my 1st day went .........wooooooohooooooo im so excited im nervous.........lmao


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