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Sorry for not writing sooner , but havent really thought about posting in here lately.........{feels bad}

i have met some WONDERFUL more online friends in the POGO room i go to alot.....lol
its in Hammerhead Pool , in beginner room 25 ,

there are so Many Wonderful ppl there , and im having fun playing pool at the same time , i have moved up from not only a player but a TD {Tournement Director}

So thanks to EVERYONE there who has made me feel Welcomed and Loved.

no on to other things, not much to chat about , other than i just got finished working a Triple Shift at work and have to go back in tonight........lol

So i must need sleep soon.......lol

I havent updated my Website at all lately, but maybe i will soon there is so much to see and do there already............lol

i have not made any New Dolls yet , but i might by Christmas or Something......lol

well i guess that is it for now

Love you all

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